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The mission of CSMS #1 is "To provide Direct Support (DS) and General Support (GS) maintenance on surface equipment to units/activities as specified by the Surface Maintenance Manager (SMM)." CSMS #1 currently employs approximately 100 federal (permanent and temporary) and State of Mississippi employees. These employees are amembers of various units of the MSARNG. CSMS #1 provides support for 75 units of the MSARNG, 9 Organizational Maintenance Shops (OMS), 2 Army Aviation Support Facilities, (AASF), the Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site (MATES), General Support Maintenance Site (GSMS), and Aviation Classification and Repair Depot (AVCRAD). As well as units/activities of the MSARNG, CSMS #1 supports other Federal Agencies through Inter Service Agreements (ISSA).

The Mississippi National Guard established its maintenance activity at Camp Shelby in 1930s. This activity consisted of one individual, Thomas A. Janney. In 1946, this activity was reorganized in World War II post maintenance facilities (Building #6505) as the Field Maintenance Shop (FMS). Mr. Janney was employed as the Shop Foreman until his retirement in 1962. In 1060, the FMS was designated as a Combined Field Maintenance Shop (CFMS). In 1964, the CFMS was redesignated as a Combined Support Maintenance Shop (CSMS). In 1969, employees of the CSMS were converted from employees of the State of Mississippi to the Federal (Excepted) Civil Service program. With the addition of CSMS #2 at Camp McCain, the CSMS at Camp Shelby was again redesignated as CSMS #1.

The current CSMS #1 facility (Building #85) was constructed in 1995. It is dedicated in memory of COL Roy B. Duke. Prior to his retirement in 1984, COL Duke served as the Mississippi Army National Guard's (MSARNG) Organizational Maintenance Officer, State Maintenance Officer, and Chief of Staff.

Superintendents of CSMS #1 and their tenures of service are as follows:

  • Roland V. Harvey 1946 - 1964
  • Calvin L. Smith 1964 - 1976
  • John A. Griffin, Jr. 1976 - 1982
  • William P. Grimsley 1982 - 1985
  • Woodrow G. Lyon 1985 - 1988
  • James E. Harrington 1988 (interim)
  • Owen L. Mauffray, Jr. 1988 - 1995
  • James I. Pylant 1995 - 1997
  • Kenneth W. Rigby 1997 -
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