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The mission of the MSG is to establish and maintain an all-volunteer formal military organization as the state's reserve to the Mississippi National Guard (MSNG). The MSG is to assist the MSNG with in-state missions as directed by the Governor and the Adjutant General of Mississippi. The MSG is tasked with assuming the mission of the MSNG should they be fully mobilized outside the state. The MSG is similarly tasked with securing armories, assistance to Guard families, and assuming other duties until the full mobilization ceases. MSG personnel may, at the request of thd Adjutant General of Mississippi, be trained in the protection of life and property of the citizens of Mississippi due to natural disasters.


The U.S. Constitution, U.S. Code, Title 32, Section 109, authorized the states to organize a State Defense Force (SDF) as provided by its laws. The Mississippi Code of 1972, Chapter 5, paragraph 33-5-1 thru 33-5-53 authorizes the establishement of the MSG.
The SDF concept came into prominence when the National Guard was called up for World War II.
The MSG was most recently called to duty to assist with relief efforts associated with Operation Secure Magnolia - Hurricane Katrina (2005) & Operation Secure Magnolia - Hurricane Gustav (2008).
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