SOD South

Army National Guard Special Operations Detachment South (ARNG SOD-S) has a state mission to augment State Joint Force Headquarters to conduct joint operations and Defense Support to Civil Authorities as determined by the governor. The Special Operations Detachment South (SOD-S) is also a sub-unified detachment of Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH), U.S. Southern Command.
The Special Operations Detachment South (SOD-S) focuses on enhancing security and stability in the Americas with our interagency partners and partner nations by establishing an in depth networked defense that will detect, deter, disrupt, and defeat illicit transnational elements.
Special Operations Detachment South directly supports SOCSOUTH's area of focus, which includes 31 countries and 10 territories, consisting of the land mass of Latin America south of Mexico, and the waters adjacent to Central and South America. The unit section designs training programs, based on training guidance and mission requirements that prepares units to conduct operations from peacetime engagement to global war.​

Revised: 8/7/2015 8:07