Family Programs

Family Programs
​To assist Family Readiness Groups and their families to cope with the strains associated with the unit deployment and state emergencies, and to receive necessary assistance from military and civilian resources.

Family Program Vision:
To enhance the quality of life for the National Guard members, their families and the communities in which they live.




​State Family Program Director (Waldrop, Johnny MAJ)​601.313.6379​
​Family Assistance Coordinator (Purser, Paul MR)​601.313.6502​
​Family Program Specialist (Vacant)​601.313.6769​293.6769
​Strong Bonds Coordinator (Huffman, James SFC)​601.313.6712​
​State Youth Coordinator (Pope, Allen MR)​601.313.6765​
​​State Youth Coordinator (Reeves, Jan MS)​601.313.6620​​
​State Youth Coordinator (Frazier, Kristina MS)​601.313.6765​
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