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Since 1777, U.S. Army Inspector's General have inspected, audited, investigated, trained and performed those duties necessary to support the Army’s mission. During that time, the purpose and organization of the Army Inspector General system has changed considerably. The modern Inspector General system mission is to serve as an extension of the eyes, ears, voice and conscience of The Adjutant General, providing a continuing assessment on the state of the economy, efficiency, discipline, training, morale, esprit de corps and readiness throughout the Mississippi National Guard.

The Inspector General performs four functions: Assistance, Inspections, Investigations, and Teaching and Training. Anyone can submit a request for assistance and our office routinely works requests covering areas such as pay, promotion, discharges, etc. The IG conducts investigations and investigative inquiries as required as well as conducting unit and organization inspections to determine training, administrative, operational, and logistical readiness for mobilization.

The Inspector General does not formulate policy (except inspection policy) and has no inherent command authority. The Inspector General will provide no assistance where there are other means of redress or appeal available (unless that system is in question). When dealing with the IG office, confidentiality is of utmost concern but it cannot be guaranteed.

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Position Commercial DSN
State Inspector General - HOTLINE 601.313.6270 293.6270
Deputy State Inspector General 601.313.6430 293.6430
Assistant Inspector General 601.313.6287 293.6287
Assistant Inspector General 601.313.6286 293.6286
Fax 601.313.6285 293.6285
Air National Guard
172nd Airlift Wing Installation
Position Commercial DSN
Inspector General 601.405.8505 828.8505
186th Air Refueling Wing Installation
Position Commercial DSN
Inspector General 601.484.9498 778.9498


 Requesting Assistance

Anyone may submit a complaint, allegation, or request for assistance to any Army IG concerning matters of Army interest.
IGs will encourage soldiers to first discuss complaints, allegations, or request for assistance with their commander or chain of command, as provided in AR 600-20.
If a soldier does not wish to discuss with their chain of command, the IG will accept the IG assistance request (IGAR) unless specific redress procedures are available. 
A request for IG assistance can be submitted via email and must include a signed DA Form 1559 (Found under the Documents tab). 


The Inspector General is a personal staff officer responsible for advising the Adjutant General on the overall welfare and the state of discipline of the Mississippi Army National Guard. The IG is a confidential advisor to TAG. Besides his common staff responsibilities, the IGs specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • Integrates TAGs organizational inspection program (OIP).
  • Conducts inspections, surveys, and studies as TAG requires and monitors corrective actions.
  • Receives allegations and conducts investigations and inquires.
  • Monitors and informs TAG of trends, both positive and negative, in all activities.
  • Consults staff sections, as appropriate, to obtain items for the special attention of inspectors and to arrange for technical assistance.
  • Determines the MS Army National Guard's discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training, and readiness.
  • Assists soldiers, DA civilians, family members, retirees, and other members of the force who seek help with Army-related problems.
  • Provides TAG with a continuous, objective, and impartial assessment of the MS Army National Guard's operational and administrative effectiveness. Identifies and assists in the resolution of systemic issues.


Command Climate Surveys - AR 600-20 requires company commanders to administer a command climate survey to members of the unit within 90 days of assuming command; and annually there after. Copies of the pencil and computer version can be downloaded from:

Other Inspector General's: 
National Guard Bureau -
Department of the Army - 
Department of the Air Force -
DOD Hotline: 1.800.424.9098 
Defense Hotline
The Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20301-1900
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TAG Policy Memo Right To Present Complaints (IG) 5 November 2014 .pdfTAG Policy Memo Right To Present Complaints (IG) 5 November 2014
Before you tell the IG 5 NOV 2014.pdfBefore you tell the IG 5 NOV 2014
DA 1559 Fillable IG Action Request.pdfDA 1559 Fillable IG Action Request
AF-Form-102 (Complaint Registration).pdfAF-Form-102 (Complaint Registration)
MSARNG Regulation 1-201 (1 Nov 2010).pdfMSARNG Regulation 1-201 (1 Nov 2010)
Right to Present Complaints to the IG Memo (2011).pdfRight to Present Complaints to the IG Memo (2011)
What types of complaints are NOT IG appropriate.pdfWhat types of complaints are NOT IG appropriate
Filing a Complaint.pdfFiling a Complaint
MSARNG Junior Leader Handbook.pdfMSARNG Junior Leader Handbook

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