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154th Regiment RTI

Provide Combat Arms, Leadership, Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), Additional Skill Identifier (ASI), Non-commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES), and General Studies training for the Army National Guard, United States Army Reserve (USAR), and the Active Component (AC).

Command Contacts:

Commander 601.558.2587
  - DSN 286.2587
Operations Officer 601.558.2971
  - DSN 286.2971
Operations SGM 601.558.2443
  - DSN 286.2443

Headquarters Contacts:

Personnel NCO 601.558.2635
  - DSN 286.2635
Training NCO 601.558.2116
  - DSN 286.2116
Logistics NCO 601.558.2245
  - DSN 286.2245
ATTRS Manager 601.558.2899
  - DSN 286.2899

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