Inspector General

Inspector General
Since 1777, U.S. Army Inspector's General have inspected, audited, investigated, trained and performed those duties necessary to support the Army’s mission. During that time, the purpose and organization of the Army Inspector General system has changed considerably. The modern Inspector General system mission is to serve as an extension of the eyes, ears, voice and conscience of The Adjutant General, providing a continuing assessment on the state of the economy, efficiency, discipline, training, morale, esprit de corps and readiness throughout the Mississippi National Guard.
The Inspector General performs four functions: Assistance, Inspections, Investigations, and Teaching and Training. Anyone can submit a request for assistance and our office routinely works requests covering areas such as pay, promotion, discharges, etc. The IG conducts investigations and investigative inquiries as required as well as conducting unit and organization inspections to determine training, administrative, operational, and logistical readiness for mobilization.
The Inspector General does not formulate policy (except inspection policy) and has no inherent command authority. The Inspector General will provide no assistance where there are other means of redress or appeal available (unless that system is in question). When dealing with the IG office, confidentiality is of utmost concern but it cannot be guaranteed.

​Contacts (Army National Guard / State)



State Inspector General • Hotline601.313.6270293.6270
Deputy State Inspector General 601.313.6430293.6430
Assistant Inspector General 601.313.6287293.6287
Assistant Inspector General601.313.6286293.6286

  Contacts (Air National Guard)

Inspector General (172nd Airlift Wing)601.405.8505828.8505
Inspector General (186th Air Refueling Wing)601.484.9498778.9498
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