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Smith recognized as Eagle Rising

Smith-t.jpgChief Warrant Officer Two Sarah Smith is soft-spoken about her career and accomplishments. Her fellow Soldiers arent so modest when describing her.


Smith was one of seven Army National Guard warrant officers to receive the Eagle Rising Award for warrant officers Sept. 12 at the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) 2016 Conference in Baltimore, Md.


The Eagle Rising Award recognizes outstanding achievements and service by National Guard warrant officers. This is the fifth year in a row a MSARNG warrant officer has won the award.


“Chief Warrant Officer Smith is a talented warrant officer,” said Chief Warrant Officer 5 Bobby Tanksley, command chief warrant officer of the Mississippi Army National Guard. “She has always strived for excellence as is evidenced by her receiving the Distinguished Honor Graduate Award from her Warrant Officer Candidate School course.”


Channeling her dedication and care for Soldiers through her work, Smith became the second MSARNG female warrant officer to receive the award.


“I can honestly say I am stunned,” said Smith, who is a standard installation division personnel system (SIDPERS) interface branch chief for the MSARNG. “I never would have dreamed winning it at state level, let alone to be one of those selected at national level. It was a completely surreal moment where I had to keep reminding myself it was happening.”


Smith said that persistent personal growth and being a recipient of the award is a testament to her military-career accomplishments.


“Constantly making improvements on my own self-development and winning this really opened my eyes to what I have achieved,” said Smith. “Its very easy to get so caught up in your work and performing your job duties that you often dont even realize the accomplishments you have made along the way.”


“The warrant officers of the MSARNG have always been in the spotlight,” said Tanksley. “As quiet professionals, we dont draw attention to ourselves or our accomplishments, but when placed beside our peers nationwide we will be very competitive every time!”


Juggling big responsibilities as a mother, wife, and Soldier, Smith stands out to others as a good example of leading from the front.


“To win this award and be recognized as a good leader is one of those life accomplishments you dream of,” said Smith. “I will just ensure I do not falter and continue to improve on my self-development and career.”


The Ohio native began her Army career in 2002 when she enlisted as a health care specialist. In 2013, she decided to submit her warrant officer packet.


“I wanted to be able to perform my job duties assisting other Soldiers so that they could focus on their MOS and job without having to worry about the administrative portion of their career,” she said.


Smith finds fulfillment knowing that shes helping Soldiers who also wear the same uniform.


    “I strongly believe in helping others and get extreme satisfaction out of doing things for other people,” said Smith. “That is what truly makes me happy. I love my job, thoroughly enjoy working, and I am so proud to wear this uniform every day.”
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