Staff Judge Advocate

To file a claim with the federal government the claimant must properly complete a Standard Form 95 (SF 95). Before we can forward a claim to the appropriate claims office, all items (front and back) must be completed. Please insert the word ‘NONE’ where applicable. Please provide any substantiation or evidence to support your claim, i.e., testimonial statements, estimates of repair, photographs or other evidence to establish timing and causation of damages. A claimant must submit at least one, preferably two, itemized and signed repair statements or estimates provided by reliable, disinterested parties capable of such repairs. Also, if the claimant has already effected a repair and payment has been made, we will require the itemized and signed receipts evidencing completion of repair and payment. No claim can be paid without proper substantiation.
If the claim was submitted to an insurance company, two claims must be submitted, one by the insurer and a separate SF 95 must be completed by the owner to recover on any deductible not covered by the insurer.
Upon receipt of a properly completed claim, we will then submit it to the appropriate claims office for processing. Please understand and recognize that our receipt of the SF 95 does not constitute an admission of liability or a guarantee payment of the claim. Claims processing can routinely take 45-60 days, and often longer. Once a proper claim is submitted, you will be contacted directly by the adjudicating Claims Office regarding your claim.
If you need assistance completing the form, please contact our office.






Revised: 8/11/2015 7:31