Staff Judge Advocate


​Judge Advocates

COL Robert J Dambrino III

Mississippi National Guard State Judge Advocate

LTC M. Mark Majors

Joint Staff Judge Advocate
Primary legal advisor to The Adjutant General of the Mississippi National Guard. LTC Majors can be contacted at  

CW2 Mikie T. Brown

Legal Administrator
Mr. Brown serves as Legal Administrator for the Joint Force Headquarters Office of the Staff Judge Advocate and the entire State. He manages the overall administration and support for the Army core legal disciplines including: military justice, international and operational law, administrative law, legal assistance, and contract law. Mr. Brown can be contacted at


Legal Staff

BG (MS RET) Joe Moss

Legal Advisor
Mr. Moss is a licensed attorney with the State of Mississippi and serves as the legal advisor to the Command Staff and Soldiers. He is the primary legal assistance attorney for the Mississippi National Guard. Mr. Moss can be contacted at

Ms. Donna C. Alderman, ACP

Paralegal Specialist
Ms. Alderman is an Advanced Certified Paralegal and serves as a paralegal to the Joint Staff Judge Advocate and the Legal Advisor. Ms. Alderman also handles all claims and litigation matters in the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate. Ms. Alderman can be contacted at

SSG Brandon P. Labue

Paralegal Specialist
SSG Labue serves as a paralegal to the Joint Staff Judge Advocate and the Legal Advisor. SSG Labue can be contacted at
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