185th Aviation Brigade

185th Aviation Brigade
Army Aviation was first organized in Mississippi in 1948 to support artillery units in the northern part of the state and Hattiesburg in the south. These aviation units were located at Grenada Airport 100 miles north of Jackson. In January 1951, all army aviation units in Mississippi were ordered to active duty and sent to Fort Jackson, SC. Six of the original ten aviators saw combat duty in Korea. The Grenada facility was closed during this time leaving no active army aviation programs in Mississippi.​





Executive Officer601.313.4564​293.4564
Assistant S3/SIMS Officer601.313.4636​293.4636
Assistant S4601.313.4661​293.4661
Property Accounting Technician601.313.4516​293.4516
Property Book NCO601.313.4683​293.4683
Brigade S1 NCO601.313.4690​293.4690
Brigade S1 Human Resources Technician601.313.4663 ​​293.4663
Senior Human Resources NCO601.313.4662​293.4662
Human Resources NCO601.313.4504​293.4504
Senior Supply NCO601.313.4565​293.4565
Supply NCO601.313.4681​293.4681
Readiness NCO601.313.4658​293.4658
Administrative Training NCO601.313.4689​293.4689
Aviation Operations Chief601.313.4656​293.4656
Aviation Safety Officer601.313.4502​293.4502
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