Special Operations Detachment South

The Special Operations Detachment – South (SOD-S) uses emerging technologies to enhance training and make efficient use of training resources during the limited traditional National Guard unit training time. The detachment provides trained units which focuses on affiliated Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) or affiliated Special Operations Command (SOC) joint staff requirements, while maintaining a world wide deployment capability.
The SOD-S capitalizes on civilian experience, previous Active Component experience, and Reserve Component experience, to support the affiliated Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC). Every soldier is trained in force protection measures to enhance individual and unit security during peacetime operations and a dynamic wartime environment. They are also trained in organizational readiness to be deployable in support of training or operational requirements as needed. As an Airborne unit, all members are authorized to conduct Static Line (SL) and Military Free Fall (MFF) parachute operations.​

Revised: 8/7/2015 8:07