2/20th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SFPC? 

Special Forces Preparatory Course: 25 days long conducted at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Read the Accession Policy Memo.

Do I have to be in the Mississippi Army National Guard (MSARNG) to attend Special Forces Assessment Drill (SFAD)?

All military personnel can attend SFAD. That includes: Army and Air Guardsmen from Mississippi or other States; Active Duty from any branch; Reservists from any branch; and Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) personnel from any branch. Caveat – Active duty that are committed to ETSing need to talk to their Reserve Component Career Counselor (RCCC) first. IRR personnel need to talk to their manager and it may be that one will attend on their own, financially. All will need a memo signed from their commander (part of the SFAD packet). Civilians and Prior Service not on IRR status cannot attend until after enlistment.

Is Special Forces the same as Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Para Rescue/Combat Controllers and Force Recon?

No. We all fall under Special Operations Command (SOCOM), but we all have our own unique mission. There is only one Special Forces, but we are all part of the Special Operations Community. Many times we work together.

Is there a waiver for a GT Score of less than 107?

No. It is in your best interest to re-test and increase your score. It will help if you are border-line in Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) or in the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC).

Can I come straight into one of the Special Forces Companies when I join the MSARNG?

If you are already qualified, yes. If you are not qualified, you will be assigned to another unit in the MSARNG. After successful completion of the SFQC, you will be transferred to one of the three SF Companies.

What happens if I pass SFAS but do not finish SFQC?

If you are selected but you are removed from SFQC never to return; you will complete your enlistment obligation with your unit. If you are selected but are removed from the course under other circumstances; the command group will decide with the recommendation from the cadre, on a case-by-case basis on when you can return. You will continue to serve with your unit until after you return and complete the SFQC at which time you will be transferred to one of the three SF Companies.

Will I move my family to Fort Bragg during training?

REP-63 personnel are the only ones that are PCS'ed through the whole process. All others are PCS'ed only for the SFQC and will be allowed to take/move their families with them.

What schools are afforded to SF?

The ones most inquired about are Ranger School, MFF, and SCUBA. These aren't the only ones. The list is extensive. You will go to Airborne School, if not already qualified, before you go to SFQC.

Will I get HALO or SCUBA school?

There is a possibility but no guarantee.

Will I deploy?

Yes. At some point you will. You need to be prepared and you need to prepare your family.

How long will it take to become a Special Forces soldier in the MSARNG?

From first serious contact/commitment to SFAD 1-3 months
SFAD to SFPC and SFAS 45-90 days
SFAS to Airborne School and SFQC 3-6 months
SFQC 14-16 months for 18A, 18B, 18C, and 18E
SFQC 19 months for 18D

Is there an age limit?

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