1st Armor Training Battalion

1st Armor Training Battalion
Conduct MOS-T and NCOES Course in the 19 Career Management Field (CMF) to established standards and maintain the standard for Accreditation over the conduct of 19 CMF training.


Building 3500 "C" Avenue
Camp Shelby, MS 39407





1st ATB Fax601.558.2502​286.2502
Chief Instructor601.558.2900​286.2900
19D/K MOS-T Primary Instructor601.558.2853​286.2853
19D/K ALC Primary Instructor601.558.2079​286.2079
Maneuver Senior Leader Course Primary Instructor601.558.2145​286.2145
19 CMF Quality Assurance601.558.2408​286.2408


expand Course : 19D - Cavalry Scout Advanced Leader Course (ALC) ‎(2)
expand Course : 19D MOS-T ‎(2)
expand Course : 19K - Armor Crewman Advanced Leader Course (ALC) ‎(2)
expand Course : 19K MOS-T ‎(2)
expand Course : Bradley Commander Certification Course ‎(1)
expand Course : Cavalry Scout (Transition) ‎(1)
expand Course : Maneuver Senior Leader Course ‎(2)
expand Course : Miscellaneous ‎(3)
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