2nd Infantry Training Battalion

2nd Infantry Training Battalion
The 2nd Infantry Training Battalion trains Soldiers in MOS's, NCOES, and Functional Skills Training including 11B10 MOS-T; 11B 2/3/4; 11C MOS-T; Phase 2 11B and 11C Advance Course; 11B, 11C, 19D, 19K Maneuver-Senior Leader's Course; Light Leader Course; Mechanized Basic and Advanced Courses in order to provide the Army National Guard, United States Army Reserve, and Active Component qualified personnel imbued with the Warrior Ethos and ready to conduct operations in support of the Global War on Terrorism.


Building 3500, "C" Avenue
Camp Shelby, MS 39407




Chief Instructor601.558.2308286.2308​
Course Manager601.558.2123​286.2123


​Contacts (SME)



Civilian Coordinator601.558.2855​286.2855
Senior QA Representative601.558.2673​286.2673
QA NCO601.558.2672​286.2672


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