5th Medical Battalion Training Site

5th Medical Battalion Training Site
Provide quality and relevant medical training to the armed forces of the United States (US), as directed by the CINC, Department of the Army, Director ARNG, and Governor of the State of Mississippi. Ensure that all Combat Medics and Combat Lifesavers of the ARNG, who come through our center for training, receive quality instruction that is both current and relevant. Help to maintain a fully trained and prepared ARNG medical staff to support any medical mission of the US and its Territories that may arise around the world, in support of combat or peacetime operations.


Building 1450, South 14th Street
Camp Shelby, MS 39407




Chief Instructor601.558.2629​286.2629
Logistics Officer601.558.2806​286.2806
68W Sustainment (Medic) Course Manager601.558.2817​286.2817
68W10 MOS-T Course Manager601.558.2969​286.2969
Combat Lifesaver Course Manager601.558.2969​286.2969
EMT-Basic Refresher Course Manager601.558.2817​286.2817



expand Course : 68W - Comprehensive Medical Training (CMT) ‎(1)
expand Course : 68W10 - Health Care Specialist ‎(1)
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