2nd Ordnance Training Battalion

2nd Ordnance Training Battalion (OTB)
The Regional Training Site - 2nd Ordnance Training Battalion (OTB) programs and provides institutional training within assigned Ordnance Career Management Fields (CMF's), Additional Skill Identifier (ASI), and Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) missions based on the collective requirements identified by NGB-ART-I (Individual Training Branch), the Army Program for Individual Training (ARPRINT) for the Army National Guard, the United States Army Reserve, and the Active Component (AC) in support of the Army's Modular Force.
The OTB provides management and quality assurance for all ordnance training as tasked within the Battalion assigned Ordnance Training Companies. The OTB provides for the review and development of associated TATS courseware to the Army's training needs and the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). Additionally the OTB provides operation, training, administration, logistical, and resource management support as required to accomplish the mission to train the Army Warrior within each respective State and Territory as specified and approved by The Adjutant General (TAG).


Building 3601, Forrest Avenue
Camp Shelby, MS 39407





Chief Instructor601.558.2802​286.2802
Senior Instructor601.558.2801​286.2801
Human Resources NCO601.558.2800​286.2800
Operations/QA NCO601.558.2237​286.2237
Logistics NCO601.558.2921​286.2921
91B10 • 91M10 • 91M30 Course Manager601.558.2922​286.2922
91C10 Course Manager601.558.2925​286.2925
91C30 Course Manager601.558.2803​286.2803
Senior Leaders Course (SLC) Course Manager601.558.2923​286.2923
Wheel and Track Recovery ASIH8 Course Manager601.558.2922​286.2922



expand Course : 91A/P/H/M - (ASIH8) Track Vehicle Recovery Specialist ‎(1)
expand Course : 91B - Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic ‎(2)
expand Course : 91B/E/L/S - (ASIH8) Wheel Vehicle Recovery Specialist ‎(1)
expand Course : 91C - Utilities Equipment Repairer ‎(1)
expand Course : 91M - Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer ‎(2)
expand Course : Miscellaneous ‎(1)
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