CRTC_CDR-m.jpgCol. Joseph E. Reid became the commander of the CRTC-BAC in November 2017. He joined the Mississippi National Guard in 1989 in the 186th Maintenance Group and was later commissioned in 1998 as a graduate of the Academy of Military Science at McGhee Tyson Air Force Base in Knoxville, Tennessee. During his enlisted career, he performed maintenance on the RF4C and the KC135R as a Guidance and Control System Specialist. In 1998, after completion of Undergraduate Pilot Training, Reid returned to the 186th Operations Group to fly the KC135R. His duties included KC135R Aircraft Commander, Instruction Pilot, Evaluation Pilot, Flight Commander, Executive Officer, and Director of Operations. Reid has flown missions in Operations NOBLE EAGLE, JOINT FORCE, CORONET WEST, ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, INHERENT RESOLVE, AND FREEDOM’S SENTINEL.​

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