Directorate of Logistics
The Directorate of Logistics (DOL) is a customer service organization which provides or coordinates a variety of services including: General Supply Assistance, Subsistence, Fuel, Ammunition, Food Service Assistance, Transportation and Maintenance Support, and Annual Training and IDT planning assistance and support. We stand ready to assist in meeting your logistical needs.​




​Supply and Service​601.558.2697​​286.2697
​Procurement/Resource Management​601.558.2647​286.2647
​DOL Maintenance​601.558.2384​​286.2384
​Troop Issue Subsistence Officer​601.558.2742​286.2742
​MOB Central Issue Facility​601.558.2345​286.2345
​Central Receiving​601.558.2658​286.2658
​Post Central Supply​601.558.2310​286.2310
​Plans and Operations​601.558.2874​286.2874
​​3656 Maintenance Company​601.558.2579​286.2579
​Ammunition Supply Point​601.558.2680​286.2680
​DOL Transportation​601.558.2914​286.2914
​Food Service Branch​601.558.2682​286.2682
​Fuels Management Branch​601.558.2154​286.2154
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