Directorate of Public Works
The Directorate of Public Works provides garrison/facility general engineering, primarily maintenance, minor construction and utilities support to all permanent party, transient units and tenant activities conducting operations and training for Federal and State missions. DPW provides overall responsibility 24/7 emergency services fire protection and prevention. DPW operates primarily with funding from the MSARNG facilities program (CFMO).




​​​​Assistant Director / Plans & Services Manager​601.558.2689​286.2689
​Operations Manager (Roads & Grounds • Building Utilities)​601.558.2016​286.2016
​Buildings & Utilities​601.558.2660​286.2660
​Roads & Grounds​601.558.2787​286.2787
​Budget Manager​​601.558.2327​​286.2327
​Personnel Manager​601.558.2748​​286.2748
​Real Property​​601.558.2747​​286.2747
​Work Orders​​601.558.2330​​286.2330
​    • Work Order Requests (Work Order Form) ​ ​
​    • Dig Permit Requests (Work Order Form)
​    • Garbage Dumpster Requests (DA Form 3161)
​    • Portable Latrine Requests (DA Form 3161)
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