Suicide Prevention Program
Suicide Prevention is a continuum of awareness, intervention, and postvention to help save lives. Prevention refers to all efforts that build resilience, reduce stigma, and build awareness of suicide and related behaviors. Educate Soldiers regarding a no-tolerance policy for belittling Soldiers who seek behavioral health assistance. Reduce stigma. Promote a command climate that encourages and enables Soldiers to seek help. Recognize that seeking help is a sign of strength. Take a personal interest and know what is going on in subordinate Soldiers’ personal lives. Provide support where needed. Assure subordinates are aware of assistance agencies and refer individuals who are identified as having personal or emotional problems to an appropriate source for help. Foster a sense of responsibility in Soldiers to provide watchful care and support to peers. Educate Soldiers on the battle buddy system. Provide support for participation in suicide awareness and prevention activities. We provide Soldiers with ACE SI training and ASIST training for Gatekeepers.
The Camp Shelby Suicide Prevention office is located in Building 1813 on Lee Ave and 18th St. (601.310.8401).
Director of Psychological Health can be contacted at 601.325.5844

MSARNG Sexual Harassment Assault and Response Program (SHARP)

Response to Sexual Harassment/Assault and Domestic Violence, Referrals to Treatment Providers (601.313.6356)
Sexual Assault Hotline: 601.467.1030
The DoD Sexual Assault Response Coordinator can be contacted 24/7 at the DoD Safe Helpline
Call: 1.877.995.5247
Text: 55.247 inside the U.S. or 001.202.470.5546 outside the U.S."
All Emergencies on Camp Shelby should contact the PMO at 601.558.2222

Camp Shelby Military Family Life Consultants

  • Provides non-medical short term, situational problem solving counseling to The Service members and their families.
  • Provides psycho-education to help Service Members and their Families understand the impact of stress, deployments, family reunions following deployments and the stresses of military life.
  • Services can be provided on or off military installations.
  • Services provided to individuals, couples, families and groups.
  • Children’s Support program addresses impact of military life on children.
  • Mandated reporters of child abuse, domestic abuse and other duty-to-warn situations.
  • Services are otherwise confidential and private, except for duty-to-warn situations.

Camp Shelby Military Family Life Consultants are in Building 1813 on Lee Ave and 18th St. and can be reached by phone at 601.697.9208 or 601.697.1460.




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