Grenade Ranges

Live Throw Hand Grenade Range

CpShelby_Training_Ranges_LTHGR.jpgRANGE: 6 LTHG Range
Type: Live Throw Hand Grenade Range
Area: 22.3 ac. / 0.092 km2

  • 4 Live Throw Pits
  • 1 Practice Grenade Training Area
Authorized Ammo/Weapons:
  • M67 Fragmentation Grenade
  • M228 Practice Hand Grenade Fuse w/M69 Grenade Body

Description: This range is designed for initial/refresher training and qualification on live-throw grenades. It can provide realistic, operational or advanced training for grenades. This range is a familiarization and qualification range for live throw grenades.

AT-4 Range (46A) & Grenade Launcher Range (46B)

Type: AT-4
Area: 7.41 ac. / 0.03 km2
Capacity: 2 Firing Lanes


  • 150m
  • 230m
  • 410m

Authorized Ammo/Weapons:

  • 66mm
  • 40mm
  • 35mm (Subcal)
  • MK19
  • AT-4 84mm/9mm Tracer

Description: Training conducted on Range 46A consists of qualification for firing the MK19 and the Grenade Launcher. Observation tower, portable restrooms, water points and limited parking available on site.

Type: Grenade Launcher Range
Area: 12.36 ac. / 0.05 km2
Capacity: 2 Firing Lanes

Authorized Ammo/Weapons: M203 40mm Practice/Smoke only, with the exception of M781 (DODIC B519).

Description: Supports practice and familiarization training for the M203 grenade launcher. Observation tower, ammo shack, portable restrooms and limited parking available on site.

Grenadier (Reflex) Range

CpShelby_Training_Ranges_GR.jpgRANGE: 3B
Type: Reflex Stress Fire Grenadier Course
Area: 9.48 ac. / 0.04 km2
Authorized Ammo/Weapons:
  • M16/M4,
  • M9,
  • M203 - 40mm TP
  • M248 Sniper Rifle
Description: The Grenadier Course is a 2 lane course with multiple ground targets that can be engaged with 9mm and 5.56 caliber ammunition. There is also a 2 story building with multiple targets to engage with the M203 (TP only) from multiple locations as soldiers negotiate the course.

Grenade Machine Gun Qualification Ranges

CpShelby_Training_Ranges_GMGQR.jpgRANGE: 18C
Type: Grenade Machine Gun Qualification Range
Location: MGRS: BV 956 425, downrange of Range 18
Area: 49.42 ac. / 0.20 km2

Authorized Ammo/Weapons:

  • MK 19
  • 40mm - Practice (M-918)

Description: MK-19 Qualification Range. Portable restrooms and parking available on site.

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