Military Support

Military Support

Director of Military Support: Col. Jody M. Smith

The Director of Military Support (DOMS) coordinates the provision of military support during Gubernatorial and Presidential Disaster Declarations and other missions to provide Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) and the Department of Homeland Security (HLS). The DOMS is the action agent for the Adjutant General for all domestic operations activities and is responsible for validating requests for military assistance from lead state agencies. The DOMS plans, coordinates and executes DSCA missions for the Mississippi Military Department. The DOMS activates the Joint Operations Center and assists the joint staff during declared disasters, emergencies, and terrorist events.​







Joint Operations Center

Deputy Director601.313.6193​293.6193​
Operations Officer601.313.6.315​​293.6315
Operations NCO601.313.6357​293.6357
Communications NCO601.313.6615​​293.6615


Provost Marshal Office

Provost Marshal601.313.4527293.4527​
ESS Manager / Security Specialist
Security Manager601.313.6764​293.6764
Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Manager601.313.6756​293.6756
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