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Bonus & Incentives
​There are a multitude of opportunities to earn additional money in the Army National Guard.
Below are just a few of the many benefits Army National Guard Soldiers may be eligible to receive.

Non-Prior Service Enlistment Bonus

You could receive an enlistment bonus of up to $20,000 for joining the Army National Guard.

Prior-Service Enlistment Bonus

An enlistment bonus of up to $15,000 may be available to prior service members joining the Army National Guard.

Reenlistment/Extension Bonus

An extension bonus of up to $10,000 may be available to current Army National Guard members who have no more than 20 years total service.

Military Occupational Specialty Conversion Bonus

The ARNG offers a MOSCB of $2,000 to eligible Soldiers to voluntarily or involuntarily (due to unit reorganization, transformation, inactivation, or the needs of the ARNG) reclassify into a targeted shortage MOS.

Officer /Warrant Officer Accession Bonus

Newly commissioned Officers may qualify to receive a bonus of up to $10,000 for joining the Army National Guard.

Officer / Warrant Officer Affiliation Bonus

The ARNG offers an affiliation bonus of $10,000 for select Officers / Warrant Officers joining and agreeing to serve in the Army National Guard for three years after separation from Active Duty.

Other Bonuses

Additional enlistment, accession, and affiliation bonuses may be available for civilian acquired skills or for prior service members who obtain skills from previous service. While a member may be eligible for multiple bonuses, federal law limits the total amount paid to the service member. Contact your nearest Army National Guard Recruiter for more details.
Revised: 8/11/2015 7:55