Education Services

Student Loan Repayment Program

Non-Prior Service

  • Cat I - IIIA Enlistment (AFQT 50 or higher)
  • Enlist for the 6x2, or 8x0 option in an MTOE Unit
  • Have one or more existing, qualifying loans at the time of enlistment.
  • Soldiers may incur additional student loans ONLY during a subsequent period of reenlistment.
** Promissory notes must be submitted prior to a SLRP Control Number being issued to ensure loan eligibility **

Prior-Service Enlistees & Current ARNG Members

  • MOSQ for duty position in which enlisting or extending.
  • Enlist in a valid, vacant position within unit's established, authorized wartime strength at the MOS level.
  • Have not previously received the SLRP as an enlistment, re-enlistment or extension option in any Selected Reserve
  • Prior-Service Applicants may enlist, and Current ARNG Soldiers may extend at any time, for a term of service of not less than 6 years in order to establish SLRP eligibility.
  • SLRP may be offered regardless of the number of years a Soldier has at the time he or she meets other requirements.
  • Have at least one qualifying, existing loan at the time of re-enlistment or extension. If soldiers enlist or extend in a Critical UIC or Critical MOS they may incur additional student loans during the contracted period of enlistment.
  • Soldiers may continue to extend until they reach the maximum dollar amount authorized under their respective SLRP contract.
** Promissory notes must be submitted prior to a SLRP control number being issued to ensure loan eligibility **
** Soldiers who have completed or are currently under contract for the previously authorized $20,000 SLRP benefit, may not transfer to the new $50,000 SLRP option **


  • Total amount of payments will not exceed $50,000 with maximum payment of 15% or $500 per year, whichever is greater ($7,500 per Soldier, per year)

    **Principle & interest may be included**
  • Memorandums will be submitted to the unit and the Soldier within 90 days of the Soldier's anniversary date, along with a DD Form 2475 to initiate annual payments.
  • SLRP is the Soldier's responsibility; payments and loans must remain in good standing.
Revised: 8/11/2015 7:56