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Frequently Asked Questions

What bonuses are currently being offered by the Mississippi Army National Guard for new recruits and/or prior service enlistments?

Please visit the Recruiting and Retention website and speak with your nearest recruiter. The bonus matrix located on the sidebar of this page may also be helpful in navigating through the bonus policy.

Are bonus payments tax exempt?

Typically, bonus payments are considered fully taxable income by state and federal governments. Payments resulting from contracts signed while deployed to select designated combat zones are often eligible for tax exemption status.

When will I receive my bonus payment(s)?

Review your enlistment contract / bonus addendum for your appropriate payment schedule. Speak with your chain of command prior to your pay eligibility date to ensure all personnel documentation is processed. Once you have been certified for the eligibility period, funds disbursement should occur within 10 business days.

How will my bonus be paid?

All bonus payments are made directly through the military pay system. Funds will be disbursed to the account on file, typically direct deposit, in the Soldier's myPay account. Changing bank accounts immediately prior to disbursement of funds may delay bonus receipt. If you are unsure of how to access the myPay system, contact your unit for guidance.

I have just returned from IADT, but have not been paid my bonus yet. What should I do?

Contact your RSP Coordinator and/or Readiness NCO. They will need copies of your high school diploma or equivalency, DD214, MOS Orders. Personnel Services will update your status in SIDPERS accordingly and funds may be released thereafter.

I contracted under the Student Loan Repayment (SLRP) option, but have not received any payments on my student loans?

Contact your unit in order to verify that all promissory notes and disbursement sheets have been forwarded to the SLRP Manager. Payments are disbursed directly to the lending institution on an annual basis one year from date of eligibility.

I am considering applying for an AGR or Military Technician position. What impact does this have on my bonus payments?

SRIP Policy terminates all bonus contracts upon acceptance of either an AGR or Military Technician position. Typically, if a Soldier has served a minimum of six months of the contract term, the bonus is terminated without recoupment. If the Soldier has not served the minimum period of service called for in the bonus addendum, the paid portion will be recouped. All future payments will be cancelled.

What are some of the most common reasons Soldiers become ineligible to receive their bonus?

Soldiers must perform in a satisfactory status during their contract term. Common disqualifications include, but are not limited to, failure to become MOSQ in current duty position, accumulation of 9 or more AWOLS in a 12-month period, and adverse actions present on personnel records. Soldiers should work with their unit to ensure their continued eligibility for all incentive programs.
If you have a question other than those listed above, please utilize your designated chain of command. If your unit is unable to respond to your inquiry, they will contact this office to get resolution to your question.
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