Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

Victim Support

​If you have been sexually assaulted, caring and compassionate help is available.

Trained and certified Victim Advocates are ready to assist MSNG members by contacting a unit victim advocate, the JFHQ SARC, Victim Advocate Coordinator, or your command

If the assault took place recently...

  • Go to a safe location away from the attacker.
  • Call 911 or your 24-hour local rape crisis center which can be found at
  • In cases of rape, you may want a sexual assault forensics examination at a local hospital. If you desire this a exam, do not brush your teeth, bathe, eat or drink anything to preserve evidence. 
  • Forensics examination can test for STDs and pregnancy. If you think you may have been drugged, urine sample may be collected for analysis.
  • Place clothing in a brown paper bag.
  • Write down the details you can recall about the assault and perpetrator.
  • If the assault took place in your home, do not rearrange and/or clean anything.
  • You do not have to report the sexual assault through your military chain of command unless you choose to do so.
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