DA Photos

General Information
The Mississippi National Guard - DA Photo studios do not provide Passport or Identification Card photos.
ALL Soldiers requiring photographs for special packets and soldier actions (Officer Candidate School, Green to Gold, Warrant Officer Application, Recruiting, and Soldier/NCO of the Month/Qtr. Boards etc.) are required to bring a memorandum from their commander indicating what packet is being submitted.
Active Duty Second Lieutenants (2LT), Warrant Officers (WO1), and Sergeants (SGT E-5) and below, are not authorized to have an Official DA Photo loaded into DAPMIS.
All National Guard and Reserve Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers and NCO’s in the grade of E-6 and above are authorized to have an Official Photo loaded into DAPMIS.
All Soldiers should bring their Identification Card and a current copy of their ERB or ORB to their photo appointment.
Photographs must be made with the Service Member in Class "A" (until 2014) or the ASU "Army service Uniform".
Revised: 8/4/2015 7:31