Recruiting & Retention

Shipping Information

Documents You Need to Bring

Work With Your RSP Cadre To Check Which Ones You Need


  • Social Security Card
  • Driver's license or government issued photo ID (Required for air travel)
  • Direct Deposit Form 1199 signed by a bank official (Direct Deposit Form 1199 completed by your hometown financial institution is the only acceptable source of document for starting direct deposit.  Ensure that you have a check card or checks to access your funds.  If not, you will be required to open an account at your Basic Combat Training Location).
  • All educational documents ( i.e., high school diploma, certificates and transcripts for higher education or degrees).  Include all student loan information.


  • Direct Deposit forms (if ordered to pay spousal and/or child support)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable, bring notarized copies)
  • Name, Social Security number, and military address of your spouse (if you are married to another service member in the Army or any other military component)
  • Divorce decree (if applicable, bring notarized copies)
  • Separation order (if applicable, bring notarized copies)
  • Birth certificates for all of children under 18 (if applicable, bring notarized copies)
  • Affidavit of Support for Parents


  • Court documents (if needed for child support)
  • Proof of citizenship (aliens only)
  • Lease or rental agreements for any dependents residing outside of government quarters (copy)
Note: Ask your RSP Cadre for details


Be sure to have all copies of orders and documents issued by your unit RSP 
Cadre and/or MEPS.  These orders must be delivered by you an by hand. 
Travel and meal tickets will be provided.


The following are NOT permitted:  Family members, pets, privately owned vehicles, expensive personal items such as cameras, radios, tape players, jewelry and costly watches ( hard to safeguard during training), nonprescription drugs or drug paraphernalia (prescription drugs must be in their original container and have a copy of the prescription), steel hair picks, razor blades, weapons of any type (including pocket knives), obscene or pornographic material, alcoholic beverages, playing cards, dice , dominos, cigarettes, tobacco products, batteries, vitamins, aerosol containers or items, running shoes (will be purchased at the Reception Battalion), CE players, MP3 players, laptops, video games, cell phones, electronic devices, and cologne or aftershave.


Don't hesitate to ask airport, train, or bus personnel for assistance while traveling to your BCT site.
In your city of origin, if you are delayed for more than an hour or miss you flight, if you lose your tickets, or your flights cancelled, contact MEPS (if time permits) using telephone numbers listed in you special instructions.
If you encounter travel problems (including delays, cancellation, and lost tickets) after you have departed your city of origin, call the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) Recruit Assistance line at (877) 632-6103.
You will ordinarily travel to your BCT Reception Battalion by air and/or bus and can complete the trip in one day.
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