Inspector General

Requesting Assistance
Who can request assistance from an Inspector General? 
Anyone!  Soldiers, Airmen, family members, civilians, retirees, and contract employees may submit a complaint, allegation, or request for information or assistance concerning a matter of interest to the Mississippi National Guard (Air National Guard or Army National Guard).  We encourage anyone seeking assistance from the IG to first allow their chain of command or first-line supervisor an opportunity to address the matter.

What types of issues are appropriate for the Inspector General? 
Matters relating to the discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training, and readiness of the Mississippi National Guard, such as:
  • Requests for information
    • Clarification of regulations and policies
    • Identify appropriate means of redress
    • Where to find family assistance

  • Systemic problems with systems or processes, such as: finance & accounting (pay, bonuses, incapacitation pay, etc.), promotions, line of duty & medical processing, personnel databases, extension of enlistment, separations, supply management, etc.
  • Violations of law, regulation or policy, including fraternization (inappropriate relationships), improper personnel actions, misuse of Army facilities, personal misconduct, etc.
What types of issues are not appropriate for the Inspector General? 
According to Army Regulation 20-1, the following matters are not appropriate for IG action:
  • Soldier nonsupport of family members
  • Private indebtedness
  • Contractor activities
  • Anything not of Army, Air Force, or Mississippi National Guard interest
  • Hazardous work conditions
  • Matters where an avenue of remedy or redress already exists, such as courts-martial actions, non-judicial punishment, evaluation reports, and rank reductions
  • Equal opportunity complaints
  • Command climate sensing sessions
  • Criminal allegations.
Note that this list is not comprehensive and most of these areas have an established process for redress that must be followed.  If someone brings one of these matters to the IG, then the IG will advise the complainant to take the issue to the appropriate staff proponent or agency for action.

Timeliness of Requests
In most cases, an IG is not required to look into a complaint if the complainant has failed to present the matter within 1 year of learning of the alleged problem or wrongdoing.  

How to Request Assistance
Call or e-mail one of the Inspector General offices listed in the “Contact Information” section of this web page.  People requesting assistance will be asked to fill out either a Department of the Army (DA) Form 1559 (Inspector General Action Request), or an Air Force (AF) Form 102 (Inspector General Personal and Fraud, Waste & Abuse Complaint Registration) depending on whether the issue is related to the Army National Guard or the Air National Guard.  These forms and contact information can be found using the 'Contacts' and 'Documents' links at the left of this page, or by using the 'MS Outreach' App on a mobile phone.  In the MS Outreach App, select 'Info' at the bottom of the screen and then scroll down until you find the 'Inspector General' section.
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