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National Guard Returns Waynesboro Readiness Center
Waynesboro-ARNG-RC---6-JUN-18.jpgJACKSON, Miss.— The Mississippi National Guard has returned the Waynesboro Army National Guard Readiness Center to the city as part of a force structure reduction, cost-savings, and facility consolidation plan.
The MSNG, along with city representatives, conducted the handover Wednesday, June 6, 2018. The facility, traditionally known as an "armory," served as a training venue for Detachment 1, 3656th Maintenance Company.
All Det. 1, 3656th MC Soldiers will retain their jobs and will be reassigned to the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center, just south of Hattiesburg. The move allows Waynesboro personnel to reunite with their parent unit, bolstering coordination and overall training effectiveness. The return reduces the number of readiness centers across the state from 73 to 72.
"The return allows the Mississippi Army National Guard to strengthen the force and provide a great facility for the city of Waynesboro," said Col. Paul McDonald, construction and facilities officer of the Mississippi Army National Guard. "The guard will save money in annual maintenance and utility costs and the community will repurpose the property to meet its needs."
The Waynesboro readiness center was selected for return based on force structure reduction projections, proximity to larger population centers for recruiting, unit cohesion, facility age, and available state and federal funding. In addition, the Federal Budget Control Act of 2011 also influenced development of the MSNG’s overall plan to The Mississippi National Guard is commanded by the Adjutant General of Mississippi, the state's senior military official appointed by the governor, and is comprised of the Mississippi Army National Guard and the Mississippi Air National Guard. The MSNG consists of approximately 12,400 Soldiers and Airmen that are "Always Ready, Always There" for Mississippi and the Nation. For more information, visit
reduce the number of RCs. The legislation requires a nationwide drawdown of military forces. More readiness centers are also being considered for return to community operations in 2018.
Meetings were held with community leaders to assure them that the MSARNG will continue to be "Always Ready and Always There" in times of need.
"Maintaining readiness is our number one priority," said Col. McDonald. "Waynesboro and Wayne County residents can rest assured that the Mississippi National Guard will be trained and prepared to respond to any emergency in the community if needed."
- U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Needham
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